Primers and Undercoats for Achieving Flawless Paint Finishes

Presenting the industry’s finest selection of primers and undercoats for surface preparation and protection

Caparol’s primer paints are high-quality coatings designed to deliver exceptional performance and protection. Meticulously formulated for impeccable surface preparation, our primers feature unparalleled adhesion properties. Easy to apply, our primers offer excellent opacity, superior flow, leveling, and quick-drying properties, ensuring professional results. As a brand dedicated to sustainability, we offer ecologically compatible, low-odor, lead-free, and low VOC options as well. Whether you’re working on interior walls or exterior facades, we have the solutions to meet your diverse project needs. Browse our range today!

CapaEpo Zinc phosphate primer

Premium quality two pack polyamides cured solvent based epoxy primer with zinc phosphate for priming coats on iron, steel and galvanized steel.

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Capalac red-oxide primer

High quality, lead-free, rust inhibitive, solvent based alkyd primer for CapaLac Enamel coatings especially on metal, steel and iron surfaces.

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CapaEpo HB Undercoat

A two-pack solvent based epoxy used as a high build primer, undercoat, or intermediate coat over concrete, plaster, render, steel, metal or galvanized surfaces.

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Capalac Primer

Superior quality lead-free solvent based alkyd primer for CapaLac Enamel system. It is applicable over wood, rigid PVC, metal, steel and iron.

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CapaSeal SB

Highly penetrating solvent based acrylic primer/sealer for coating systems for exterior and interior use.

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Acrylic water based primer especially for flexible coating sytems.

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CapaPutz Primer

Superior quality acrylic co-polymer water based primer with fine aggregates, especially recommended to us as priming coat for interior and exterior texture system.

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CapaAcryl Primer

Superior quality adhesion promoting acrylic co-polymer water based primer for Interior and Exterior.

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Water based pigmented primer for interior.

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